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Ribs By Alton Brown

I haven't tried this recipe yet

Source: Alton Brown, host of show Good Eats

!! Marinade Ingredients

quantity below is enough to marinade two racks

1 c white wine
2 tbsp white wine vinegar (or any kind of vinegar)
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp honey
2 cloves garlic, smashed and chopped

! Instructions

# Lay racks of ribs (these are baby backs) out on one sheet of heavy duty tin foil (shiny side away from meat - heats a bit more slowly) each, convex side up.

# Generously shake on RibRubByAltonBrown, and pat it down.

# Flip ribs over.

# Shake on rub and pat down, but less generously than before.

# Flip ribs back over. Convex side should be up.

# Bring long sides of foil up over ribs and fold twice, then lightly pat down.

# Roll up ends loosely, because you'll add liquid through that later.

# Place on cookie sheet and in fridge for at least one hour before cooking.  Overnight is better.

# Microwave marinade ingredients for 1 minute.

# Open one end of ribs enclosure and shape into funnel.

# Pour in marinade.

# Tilt sheet so that marinade flows to other end too.

# Re-roll the ends.

# Cook at 225 degrees for 2.5 hours, monitoring oven temperature carefully.  Do not cook faster or they will dry out.  Recommend using oven thermometer.

# To test braise success, open one end of the pouches and lift up the end of the rack.  Try to turn in its place a bone which is about 3 or 4 from the end.  If it does just turn, then they're done.

# Lay pouch of one rack in a wide pan (e.g. a saucier) so that the center bows down.

# Cut small drain holes in middle so sauce drains out (i.e. one on each side).

# Place back on tray.  Set aside.

# Reduce this sauce down to a glaze for about 10 minutes.  It's done right before it burns, so be careful.

# Keeping ribs on tray, open them and roll back the tin foil along the long sides.

# Paint glaze onto meat.

# Place in top shelf of oven with broiler on. Watch carefully.  In about a minute, the sauce will bubble and turn brown.  Remove then.  If 10 seconds too long, they will burn.

Note: the video graphic said 2 tbsp of honey, but Alton only said and used one

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