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Homemade Pizza By Burman

(unproven recipe to make homemade pizza using normal kitchenware)

1 pkg Fleischmann's yeast
2 cups AP Flour
1 1/4 cups Warm Water
pinch Salt
any Olive Oil, and other toppings

# Mix yeast in a measuring cup with water.

# Mound two cups of all purpose flour on the counter

# Make a well in the center.

# Slowly pour one cup of water/yeast into the well, stirring it into the flour with a fork, until he's got a shaggy dough.

# Add a generous pinch of salt.

# Begin kneading. Until the texture is the stickiness of a lint roller.

# Add the remaining water/yeast and a bit more flour.

# Knead for 5 minutes, until the dough becomes "smooth, like a baby's head."

# Let the dough relax, covered under a damp paper towel, for at least ten minutes.  Let sit for half an hour for better results, or for a day in the fridge to make it really good.

# Heat a cast iron griddle on the stove top, and has turned the broiler on high with a rack four inches below the heating element.

# Cut off a racquet-ball sized portion of the dough, and uses his fingers to stretch it, careful not to break the dough.

# Put the dough on the griddle, drizzles olive oil and ingredients on top

# Pop it under the broiler

# Watch it until the dough rises and browns, and the toppings melt and bubble, about 4 minutes.

Andrew Burman, the recipe creator, is a graduate student in New York University's Food Studies program

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