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Bacon Lettuce Tomato Dip

a.k.a. "BLT Dip"

1-2 lbs. bacon
1 c mayo
1 c sour cream
5 to 6 chopped tomatoes, drained
1 bunch Parsley leaves, chopped
1 box Stoned Wheat Thins by Red Oval Farms

# Cook bacon well and drain.

# Mix together mayo and sour cream.

# Add tomatoes and parsley. Mix.

# Chill and serve with Stoned Wheat Thins by Red Oval Farms.


* Be sure to use the stoned wheat crackers (they have some crisp/crunch to them).  David has tried Club, Ritz, Wheat Thins, Triscuits, water crackers, and those thicker Brenton (sp?) crackers and has found that they don't seem to pair nearly as well. In his opinion, this dip needs a thick, yet crisp cracker.

* We have found that cooking the bacon till it is crispy gives it a better flavor and texture than leaving it limp.

* Be sure to drain the chopped tomatoes very well or the dip will be a little soupy.  Crisp tomatoes are much better than mushy ones.

* Canned tomatoes makes it a good dip, but freshly chopped tomatoes makes it great.

* Freshly chopped parsley makes a significant difference.

* A food processor can be used to chop the parsley and bacon, but not the tomatoes.

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