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Lesser Known Motorcycling Tips

Hubcaps Show Movement

If you are riding down a road, and another car is ahead of you (generally perpendicular), but on a side road waiting to pull onto the road you are on, and can possibly turn into your way, watching his hubcaps/wheels sometimes makes it easier to see the slightest movement forward of his vehicle.

Parking Deeply

Avoid parking deeply into a parking space, especially in a busy or crowded parking lot.  If you park so that the back (or front, if you back your bike in) of your motorcycle is fairly even/flush with the rest of the cars near you...

Stoplight Sensor Cut Lines

Keep an eye out for the cut lines that often appear in the pavement of the lanes waiting on an intersection.  Instead of riding between the lines, pick one line and ride right on top of it to get the best chance of the light sensing you.

Pull up a little if a car comes up behind you, so that they can have good access to the sensors and flip the light for sure.

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