Hover over a marker and you'll see the username. Click the marker and you see any further info they've left.

Click anywhere in the map and the coordinates will be saved in the form below the map. Complete that form and your map point will be saved. Then, you'll get a link so that you can come back later and edit your marker if you want.

For multiple points, if you are coming in via a saved Marker link, then make sure you hit the New Map Marker link at the bottom, or you will overwrite your original marker.

171 Markers
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These will get filled in automatically when you click on the map.
Your username. This text will show up as you hover over the map point and as the top line of the Info Window that pops up when the point is clicked. If you don't put your username here, I may have to remove your entry.
This is the content of the infoWindow that will pop up when the map point is clicked.
If you put an email here, then this can be a way for me to find your record if you ever need any help modifying or deleting it. And no, I won't use your email in any way other than this page. Also, later, I'll probably add a feature that lets you retrieve your waypoints via email.
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